Thursday, February 18, 2010

Judgment Day

A very informative PBS (NOVA) Video program is titled Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial. It explains the attempt by some Dover, PA, educators to insert Intelligent Design into their public school curriculum. The documentary explores the motivations that led some to make this attempt, the community upheaval that followed, the resultant trial, and the Kitzmiller v. Dover court decision. That decision determined that Intelligent Design, as presented in the textbook Of Pandas and People, was just a repackaged version of Creationism. Infamously, evidence presented in court showed how the publisher had taken a plainly creationist textbook and edited it only slightly, replacing just a few key terms in order to turn the book's subject from Creationism into Intelligent Design. Those who think that Intelligent Design is something separate or different from Creationism especially need to watch this film.

Eminently watchable and highly informative, the documentary is just under 2 hours longs.  It is available at many libraries and can be rented from Netflix.  It can also be watched online at the PBS/NOVA website.

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